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Terms and conditions

1. How to purchase

There are several ways in which to purchase Ambiente gift vouchers.

a) By ordering online at

First, select the voucher you want to purchase from our offer. To place a voucher into the basket, click on it and then specify how many you wish to buy. Complete the order form (for registered or non-registered customers) by filing out your personal details. Finally, select the method of delivery – you can have your voucher sent by mail or pick it up in person.

b) In person at the Ambiente office – Maiselova 38/15, Prague 1

At the Ambiente office you are able to collect a voucher you have already paid for, or buy a voucher which hasn’t been pre-ordered. We are available on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

c) In person in Ambiente restaurants or in the Naše maso shop – Passage

During opening hours, you can either collect a pre-paid voucher or buy a voucher without pre-ordering it.

2. Price

The price depends on the type of voucher. You can deposit any amount of money on our Ambiente Gift Card – however, it must be a minimum 300 CZK. The voucher prices include VAT and are valid from the moment of placing the order. The price does not include delivery costs – the costs depend on the selected way of delivery.

3. Delivery and payment

You can have your vouchers sent by:

a) the Czech Post C.O.D.,

b) by a courier service in Prague – the price of delivery is varies. As soon as we receive your order, we will call you and specify the exact price, as well as the time of delivery.

Or pick it up in person (depending on the type of voucher):

a) at the Ambiente office – all vouchers,

b) at the Ambiente establishments, depending on the type of voucher:

Ambiente Gift Card – at all our restaurants

Churrasco in Brasileiro – at all our restaurants

Meter of beer in Lokál – at all our Lokál restaurants

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise – only at La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Lukáš Svoboda’s School of Draught Beer – at all our Lokál restaurants


The payment method depends on the delivery method:

a) by a courier service in Prague – cash payment only,

c) by the Czech Post – C.O.D.,

b) pick-up in person at our office – in cash or by credit card,

d) pick-up in person at one of our restaurants – in cash or by credit card.

4. Order cancellation

You can cancel your order by sending an email to the address from which you received your order confirmation. We will take care of the rest.

5. Protection of personal data

The processing and handling of your personal data is governed by the Czech Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection. By placing an order, you give AMBI CZ, s.r.o. your consent to process, collect and to store the personal information provided for the purposes of the purchase and sale of goods. We use your personal information to execute your order.

6. Final provisions

By placing an order online, you accept the provisions of the Business Terms & Conditions as applicable on the day of your order placement, as well as the price of the ordered goods, including the delivery costs.

7. About us

AMBI CZ, s.r.o.
Maiselova 38/15
110 00 Prague 1

Tax ID CZ63984881


Tel.: 222 714 990

Reference number C 38156 maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague